PowerBeads by jen Bracelets

PowerBeads by jen

$ 49.00

An array of bracelets made with the finest natural stone beads and paired with vintage medals to create a unique and trendy pieces.

Please visit the store or call for specific colors and charms as each piece is unique.


Caring for your PowerBeads by jen
Should your PowerBead need to be cleaned we suggest using a little bit of liquid dish detergent mixed with warm water on a damp cloth

Cleaning Your Medals
We recommend using BRASSO

Agate Slice & Pave collection PowerBeads by jen
These are gentle wear care pieces. We suggest treating as fine pieces of jewelry. Our agate slices and paves are delicate and should be treated with extra care & may not be able to be repaired if damaged. Please reach out us directly with any questions or concerns for your piece at info@powerbeadsbyjen.com

From the ashes come love and inspiration
After a traumatic cycling accident, a dear friend gave me a beautiful Blessed Mary medal to wear when I ride on the roads to train for my triathlons. I placed this special piece on some gemstone beads and wore it to bring me comfort and calm at all times. It brought me so much relief and renewed my confidence that I made a few bracelets for dear friends that were in need of some positive energy in their lives. Their enthusiasm and serenity was the inspiration to design a line of handmade, unique jewelry that merges the powers of vintage medals that people have prayed and relied upon with natural gemstone beads that have holistic meanings such as healing, forgiveness and calming.



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