FHF Mango-Poppy Seed Facial Buffing Mask

Farm House Fresh

$ 11.00

Mango-Poppy Seed Facial Buffing Mask
Tumeric and mango seed extract to whisk away the rough feels.

Zip-seal packet with .5 oz. net wt. for 4-6 treatments.

Get a refined, tightened complexion - even on the go. Our highly acclaimed Buffing Biscuits are now pourable! These hand crafted, 100% natural buffing mixes become gentle exfoliating masks - just pour in the palm of your hand, add water and apply. Our Mango-Poppy Seed mix includes a blend of rich mango butter and mango extract, whole milk, and more. This select blend of wholesome ingredients is designed for normal to oily skin. Turmeric and mango seed extract combine in a blend that helps clear up blemishes and reduce the look of pores. Poppy provides extra exfoliation.

To buff, balance, and nourish your skin, simply pour the buffing powder into your palm. Yes! A little bit goes a long way. Add a few drops of water to create an oatmeal-like paste, and exfoliate using circular motions. Whether used as a face mask, an exfoliator, or both, your skin will feel like silk! Watch our biscuit video for more details. The powder formula is the same as our original biscuits, just in an easy-to-use form.

Sold in a zip-seal package with 4-6 facial treatments, depending on whether you also treat your neck area.

100% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh Products, Mango-Poppy Seed Facial Buffing Mask is Paraben- and Sulfate- free.

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